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Jean De Florette

Love is one of the biggest parts in this movie, if not the biggest part. Jean de Florette to me is a love story, throughout the movie the talk of love was always present. Even the place it was set in is about love France; love is the first thing I think of when people talk about France. In this move almost every character has thoughts of love.Jean de Florette had the most passion for life in this movie. When he talked he showed so much life, with every word he spoke he expressed it as if it were his destiny. Jean loved his family, and he would have done anything for them. Through out the movie he showed many examples just out of love, for instance when they needed water for there farm, he would go to the stream down the hill packed with water pails on his back numerous times a day. He did that because of love. Jean, Aimee, and Manon all shared a special bond between them, like they all understood how each other felt without even asking.The woman in Jean’s life was Aimee, she was a very strong hearted and honest woman. A former opera singer in the city, she moved out to Ruissatel because of her love for Jean. This wasn’t her favorite place but she was willing to give it a try for Jean. When Jean was going to the stream to get water for the farm she was right by his side. She was his sole partner and would be by his side forever. Manon was I love with one man, her father. She loved him to death, and would have done anything for him. When they were on the farm she would ask to help just to be a part of her fathers dream. After he died she felt a lot of remorse, for a very long time. Manon started to float away from everything as she got older, her mother, the town, and friends. This stayed like this until a strange man came to town, he was the new teacher and she fell in love at first site. Eventually they became very close and both fell in love and got married. Now there have been only two men in her lif...

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