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Justice of America

The Greek philosopher Plato thought that there were four virtues: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. The most important of these is wisdom, which is knowledge of that which is truly good. People who have wisdom and, as a result, know what is truly good will tend to do what is right. These people will act in their own true interest and be in harmony with themselves. This harmony is the basis of all justice. People who have justice, in Plato’s view, will tend to have other virtues as well. (World Book Encyclopedia; Ethics, Justice.) We as a country all believe in justice and that it works to preserve our country’s heritage. So it is worth fighting for when people threaten our freedom.Justice is a hard term to define. Each society and country has different views and moral standards, so it is hard to completely define it in one definition. The United States looks at justice as a moral standard that applies to all human conduct. The Taleban does not see it this way. The Taleban and other groups like them have very different views of justice. To the Taleban members human conduct is directed by religion and culture, whereas we are directed by civility and reasoning. They thought that they were serving “justice” to the United States when they flew airplanes into both of the World Trade Center Buildings and killed thousands of innocent people on September 11, 2001. “The United states is wrong for their actions.” That was their religious reasoning for doing “justice” to the United States. But that is not what was done to our country. In the United States we call it terrorism. But could this terrorism have been avoided? It possibly could have if both sides were willing to listen and try to understand where each other are coming from. To further answer that question we have to look at both sides of the coin. Their way of life is so different from our every day lives in the United States that ...

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