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Psy. 101July 14,1999Language DevelopmentLanguage development is a very special process. There are three steps in the development of the human language. There is phonological development, semantic development, and finally grammar development. I will explain to you what these steps consist of and how two gorillas learned language and who taught them.Phonological development is one of the first types of human language development. According to the text Essentials of Psychology. “Phonological Development is the development of the ability to produce recognizable speech.”(pg.262) When a baby is first born he or she babbles. When the baby gets older the babbling narrows and consists mainly of sound used in the language. When the baby gets to this step, the baby’s production of the first spoken word is very soon. The baby’s first word should be said before he or she reaches their first birthday. When the child gets to the ages of one and two his or her vocabulary increases rapidly. Many average toddlers have a vocabulary of fifty words or more. The words toddlers generally have in their vocabulary are that of family member’s names, familiar objects such as ball or ninny, and some of their favorite foods. Children use most of these words as a holophrase. Holophrases are single words utterances that communicate meaning.Semantic development is the second language development that we get when we get older. According to the text Essentials of Psychology “Semantic development is the development of understanding of the meaning of spoken or written.”(pg.262) Vocabulary increases very quickly after the age of two. Many toddlers learn new words each day. When a child reaches the age of six his or her vocabulary is about several thousand words. At the age of six they understand negatives such as “no” and how to use these words in a correct sentence. Also when they are six they a...

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