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Legalize Cannibus

The legalization of drugs has been a topic for many years now. Some people think that if the government controls it, then the problems it causes will decrease. I am not one of these people. The legalization of marijuana serves no purpose in the lives of people, but I am for the legalization of industrial hemp. You might ask, “Isn’t it the same?” The answer is no. There are many differences between the two. Marijuana (Cannabis Indica) usually only reaches approximately four feet in height, while industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) can grow up to sixteen feet. Marijuana’s stalk is nearly solid, while industrial hemp stalks are fibrous with a cellulose center. The point that generates the most concern is the potentially psychoactive chemical delta-9 tetrohydro cannabinol (THC). Industrial hemp generally has one percent THC or less, while marijuana has three to fifteen percent THC content. These are just some of the differences in the two, but the most important one is the use of industrial hemp. Many uses of hemp can replace a lot of the resources that we are depleting now. Thus, by legalizing industrial hemp we may be able to save some trees and use hemp in place of other resources.The deforestation of trees are a major concern, acres and acres of trees are being cut for timber, even though they are replanted we will eventually run out of trees. If we find alternatives to cutting trees, then our trees will live and also protect our environment. Since trees are a natural way to fight the green house effect, we have to save them. The main way to do this is by cultivating industrial hemp. Approximately thirty percent of hemp’s tall, thin stalk is made up of this long bast fiber simply known as “fiber”. The other seventy percent is made of a short core fiber known as “hurds” or “shives” (Roulac). The fibers that are extracted from hemp can be used to make paper. Some of the f...

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