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Life Coach

A wise man once said, “If you were going to die tomorrow and had only one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? Why are you waiting?” At the time, family and friends told me this happened for a reason. They told me he was called to a better place. I never told him how much he meant to me. I wish I had the chance to thank him for the life lessons he taught me. If I could be blessed enough to spend just one more moment with him, I would tell him he has touched my life with such an impact that I will never be the same. I remember walking timidly toward the baseball field on the first day of little league. At the age of six, nothing could be more terrifying than a brand new town with brand new kids. Scared and alone I walked onto the field like an outsider who did not belong. That is when I first net the man that would not only impact my life, but also touch the hearts of everyone lucky enough to cross his path. He was a big Italian man, with a smile from ear to ear, and the kind of guy you could not be in a bad mood around, somehow he always knew exactly what you needed to hear. George Monge took me under his wing like an eagle adopting an abandoned chick. I will never forget the way he introduced me to everyone. He presented me as his number one pitcher, his “Ace”, a name that will stick with me forever. He gave me the confidence I so desperately needed. His son Mike played on the team as well, and automatically we clicked. From that point on, we became inseparable we were basically brothers. As a result, my family and the Monge family grew extremely close. George was my “Coach” , and I was his “Ace” . Whenever I had a problem, I would seek his advice. He never let me down. In addition to his insight on the court and fireld, outside the sports world he taught me even more valuable lessons. More than a sports coach, he was a life coach. If I c...

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