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Lord of the Flies and Human Nature

Throughout Lord of the Flies, Golding shows his views of the inherent evil of humans. He shows how humans can be in such a savage state, practically mimicking the way of life of their prehistoric ancestors. He exemplifies this with acts of carnage carried on by the young stranded children. It all started with a slight urge to hunt down a pig and then continued on to murdering another human being. Golding shows his views best at the end of the book with the boys being rescued by a Navy crew, which would go on to war it self.Golding starts out Lord of the Flies with the plane crashing down on to an island. The plane crashing down is related to World War II taking place. This way, Golding subtly starts to show his views on the obvious evilness of war. Golding continues when the children are all stranded on the island. As soon as all the children meet up, some are assigned to search the island. As they pass some pigs, Jack develops an irresistible craving to hunt down a pig. This is a premonition of what is to come later in the book. Later in Chapter 4, two of Jack’s assigned hunters, Roger and Maurice begin to harass the littluns by knocking down their sand castles and throwing rocks near the children. This is a foreshadowing of the evil to come out of Jack’s group. Further in the chapter, the children adopt face painting. The face paint in a way symbolizes their loss of innocence and the separation from civilized life. So the face paint in a way makes them feel less guilty of hunting for pigs. And once again, later in Chapter Four, Jack and his hunters abandon the fire to hunt. In result, the fire goes out just before a ship passes by, causing them to miss a chance of getting rescued. Golding shows his views very well in that part. It shows how a human would rather display evil then do something that would have a good cause. Later, Jack and his hunters display another example of human evil with the gruesome slaughtering of a...

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