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Lost in the Dark

I tried everything I knew possible so that my friends would think I was cool. I was popular, but I never did anything that considered breaking the rules, or the law. I was always home on curfew, and never had gotten into trouble with the law. So one day I decided I would. We were all just sitting around Bobby‘s house with nothing to do. Bobby is dating my best friend Erin. His house is the only spot where we can actually hang out and not be pestered by parental figures. Bobby’s mom really doesn’t care what we do, or where we go. We were bored out of our minds, and were sick of not having any money to do anything. In my town you have to have money in order to do anything exciting. After many hours of contemplating on things to do, Erin actually came up with a good idea. Earlier in the week she had heard Sara and Brooke talking about a run down correctional facility. Brooke and Sara are the two girls who study Wicca that go to our high school. They had gone there the previous weekend and stole some shirts that said “Warwick Correctional Facility,”. They were telling stories on how some girl was murdered there just a few months prior to our adventure. They explained how if you went there at night time you could hear people screaming. Sometimes you could even hear a baby crying. The place wasn’t that far away so we decided to make the 40-2minute trip to this place. We had no idea though what we were getting ourselves into. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.I am so petrified of the dark it is pathetic. I have always had a fear of monsters hiding underneath my bed. Everyone has his or her own fears, and the dark just happens to be mine. I was driving my car, and Will was driving his truck. In my car there was Greg, Bobby, Erin, Danny and I. In Will’s truck there was Will, Chrissie and their little girl. We were driving down this abandoned dirt road with a few trailers here and there, but ...

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