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Through out the whole entire play Macbeth the main character slowly looses his sanity he starts off by murdering Duncan the king of Scotland so he can become king. Macbeth hallucinates and goes insane in my essay I will describe Macbeth loosing his sanity. Macbeth ultimate goal is to become king of Scotland.The first hallucination that Macbeth has he says, "is this a dagger which I see before me, let me clutch thee." The dagger leads him upstairs to the chamber that King Duncan is sleeping Macbeth then murders the King by repeatedly stabbing him in the chest. His second hallucination is when he is eating dinner with his guests he sees Banquo and he actually talks to him. Lady Macbeth says the he is sick and the guests should leave.After the banquet incident Macbeth goes to the witches and he has his future told he sees three Apparitions the first apparition is a armored child the armored head says beware of McDuff the second apparition is a bloody child it say no man born of a woman may harm you And finally the third apparition is a crowned child with a branch in its hand it says you will not be harmed until the woods of Birham comes to you These apparitions make him feel invincible because all men are born of woman and trees cant move so he ultimately feels invincible. These apparitions Ultimately lead to his death. Lady macbeth is also just as guilty as Macbeth if not more so she is the one who provoked him to do the deed by questioning him of his man hood. Lady Macbeth also hallucinates she constantly sees the blood of the people who they have murdered on her hands she has gone completely insane she is always trying to wash off the blood that she sees on her hands. At the end of the play the woods of Birham moves toward Macbeths castle and Macbeth fights Mcduff Macbeth has no idea that Mcduff was ripped out of his mothers womb. In the end Mcduff kills Macbeth. ...

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