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Macbeth charicter

From noble Macbeth to this dead butcher. People of Shakespear's time are often thought of as Elizabethans but in fact Macbeth was written when Queen Elizabeth was on her deathbed and had appointed James the VI of Scotland her successor.Shakespeare wrote the play with this new king in mind. The basic story of Macbeth follows that of the “Chronicles of Scotland” a history book of the time. The real-life Banquo was guilty but since he was an ancestor of James I Shakespeare makes him innocent.At this point in history people believed in the devine right of kings – that kings were appointed by God. Therefore killing the king was far worst than ordinary murder because you were committing a crime against God. Macbeth is a tragic hero who has a fatal flaw his ambition, which ultimately leads to his demise.The first impression we get of Macbeth in the play is from the “Captain” in Act1, scene2. He is brave Macbeth who has ripped Macdonwald open from navel to jaw. From this early indication we can see that Macbeth is a fierce and bloody man at this point his speech gives the impression of Macbeth as a hero but it foretells of decent of Macbeth from hero to butcher.Macbeth can only be brave when he knows what he is doing and feels justified in doing it. He feels like this at the beginning of the play when he is prey to doubts and fears. We first see Macbeth afraid when he thinks of murdering Duncan it makes his hair stand on end and his heart pound. In Act2, scene 1 when Macbeth makes his “Is this a dagger…” speech he is horrified at the murder he is to commit, afraid that even the stones he walks on will give him away. In Act2 scene 2 after having committed the murder he is hysterical. In his fear he brings the daggers away from Duncan’s chamber and cannot bring himself to return them. Lady Macbeth has to do this for him. In the banquet scene Macbeth can again be seen to be terrified when Ban...

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