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Mark Twains life in Huck Finn

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, is manifested in his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This can be seen in many ways and in many points throughout the novel. The setting of the Samuel?s life is greatly reflected in the novel. One example is the farm of the Grangerfords where Huck stays for a time during his travels. When Twain was a child, he spent some of his summers at his uncle?s farm in Missouri. ?His memories of that time are rich and splendid.? (DeKoster, 15) In Huck Finn, Twain ?moves the farm, with its orchards, barns, stables and slave quarters to Arkansas,? (DeKoster, 15) where it becomes the farm of the Grangerfords. The setting is a form in which a representation of Twain?s life can be seen.Twain?s life is also evident in Huck Finn in the character Huck?s views on Jim, the slave. ?Samuel Clemens grew up with slaves, but he did relate to the slaves he knew as people.? (DeKoster, 17) Huck too grows up with slaves but still thinks of Jim as a person. Huck is helping Jim to freedom, even though he knows he should not be. Twain?s views on slavery are portrayed in Huck?s character in the novel.The tragedies of Twain?s childhood life are also manifested in his novel. One example is his father?s death. Twain?s father passed away when Samuel was only twelve years old. Twain knew what it was like to live without a father, and expresses this in Huck?s character. Huck learns to manage life without his pap, just as Twain managed his life without a father. The tragedies of Samuel Clemens? childhood are seen throughout Huck Finn.Mark Twain?s life is manifested over and over within his literary work, Huckleberry Finn. This is made evident in many ways, including the setting of the novel, the views on ...

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