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Moderate Drinking

Alcoholism is a serious subject that relates to everyone in our society. The question of whether alcoholism should be allowed or not, forms an argument whether alcohol if drank in moderation is good for recovery or not. Many people drink in moderation to control their drinking problems, but the counter argument says it’s addictive. Not only are they destroying their liver, but they are also taking a risk of getting in trouble by the law. There are a lot of issues that come up about drinking, but maybe these people can not stop one day to the next. It doesn’t make them bad people if they are trying to quit by drinking in moderation.It seems that in our society, a person is either a “social” drinker or an “alcoholic.” Sometimes people drink to relieve anxiety over relationships, work, and money. There are a lot of risk factors that go with drinking alcohol such as anxiety, tension, erosion, vomiting, liver disease, and cessation of menses in women, but that is why there is such a thing as drinking in moderation. Drinking in moderation consists of no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks a day for men.What is one drink?1.5 ounces of distilled spirits (80 proof)5 ounces of wine12 ounces of regular beerAs long as alcohol is consumed moderately, some of the disorders that are caused by drinking will be least likely to occur.When people seek help from traditional alcohol abuse treatment systems, they are immediately labeled as an “alcoholic” and told they must quit alcohol altogether. It is no wonder that many people continue to over drink. They are stuck between a treatment system that says, “we are powerless victims of disease and incapable of changing behavior”(Gilliam 17). Familiar with these belief and treatment systems, people do not seek help when they discover they have a problem with overdrinking. If people were offered a more moderate ...

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