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The family plays an integral role in perpetuating racial traditions in Maxwell. Heads of black families took it upon themselves to teach their offspring how to properly behave amongst white people. This entailed lessons in utter submission and complete subservience. White families also educated their kin about their superior role in society. “That’s one of the Anderson niggers. Been to college. Yeah! Whole family been to college! All right niggers though, even if they have. Had a good mother who raised her children to work hard and know their place. Anderson niggers all right.” (Smith, p.1)Tillie Anderson placed great importance in teaching her children to know their position in Maxwell. She is aware of the fact that regardless of what educational level her children reach, they must always stay confined within the trappings of their race. This of course compels Tillie and her children to maintain a slavish disposition.“Hush yo moufs, all of you! Us Andersons don raise voices. We belong, you hear!” (p. 22)This is yet another example of Tillie Anderson’s emphatic belief in absolute conformity. She trains her children to not bring attention to themselves for fear of serious physical harm or perhaps even death. Tillie will never let them forget that they are minorities and lower class citizens living in a discriminating town. Again, Tillie drills her children in their role as black inhabitants of the South. “And Tillie’s children looking up into the brown strong sweating face above them listening to her words, thrust their roots more firmly into that soil out of which they had come. (p. 23)Tillie’s repetitive lessons on racial inequality have not fallen on deaf ears. Eddie, Bessieand Nonnie have become well aware of what it means to be who they are. They developed a consciousness about their limitations. They are aware of the responsibilitiesthat tradition and hi...

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