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of mice and men

An oxymoronic combination of the tough and tender, Of Mice and Men will appeal to sentimental cynics, cynical sentimentalists Time The story is simple but superb in its understatements its realisms which are used, not to illustrate behavior, but for character and situation. Indeed there has been nothing quite so good if the kind in American writing since Sherwood Andersons early stories. Saturday Review of LiteratureJohn Steinbecks Of Mice and Men is the story of two friends, George and Lennie and their journey to start the perfect life; a farm with rabbits, pigs and cows, where Lennie can tend to the rabbits. Set in the late 1930s George and Lennie continuously run from the law due to Georges mishaps with things that he loves to touch but always ends up hurting. At this particular point George and Lennie are running because Lennie hurt a young girl unintentionally. Lennie became frightened when the girl started screaming and instead of letting go of the girls dress; he gripped it tighter, ripping it. George and Lennie can no longer stay where they are because Lennie cannot control his own strength and continues to get himself into trouble. (41)While they are on their way to a new town George gives Lennie instructions to hide in the brush until he comes for him if he gets into any trouble. (17) At this point I think George begins to loose confidence in his and Lennies dreams of owning a farm together and living happily without any worries. Its almost as if he knows Lennie will never be able to control himself.When George and Lennie arrive at the ranch they establish themselves fairly well with the other workers and fit in as well as they can, with the exception of the boss son Curley whom almost no one gets along with. (26) From the beginning Curley doesnt like George or Lennie, but is not the type to start anything unless he deems it necessary. As the story continues George warns Lennie of Curley and his intentions toward Lenni...

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