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Peer Pressure to Allegiance

Peer Pressure to Allegiance Written Communications III Peer Pressure to Allegiance Peer Pressure is defined as the influence exerted upon one by others of the same age, social group, etc. Allegiance is the obligation of a person to his or her state or government, fidelity to a person or principle; devotion. In Susan Glaspells A Jury of Her Peers, Martha Hales character attempts to persuade Mrs. Peters characters initial thinking. She does this through peer pressure. A Jury of Her Peers, is about a criminal act. Mrs. Wright is being held in the county jail for murder. John Wright, her husband, was found dead with a rope around his neck. Lewis Hale stopped by the Wrights home for help with his load of potatoes. He instead found John Wright dead. The story begins with Martha in her own kitchen. Mr. Hale has stopped by the house to pick Martha up. The Hales are joined by the sheriff, his wife, and the county prosecutor, Mr. Henderson. They are on their way to the Wright home. They are searching for a motive behind the murder of Mr. Wright. The Wright home is the setting for the story.The sheriffs second wife, Mrs. Peters was the only other woman among the group. She is not your typical sheriffs wife. She is quiet and petite. She does not possess a strong authoritative voice like Mrs. Hale. At the Wright house, the three men Mr. Hale, Mr. Henderson, and the sheriff venture upstairs to search for a motive. Mrs. Hale, the dominant woman in this story, strikes up a conversation with Mrs. Peters. It begins with Mrs. Hale displaying her dislike of the men snooping around the house. Mrs. Peters does not agree with Martha. She views the men not as snooping, but as investigating. They are doing their duty says Mrs. Peters. Her loyalty sides with her husband. The women are gathering Mr. Wrights things when Martha begins to tell stories of Minnie Foster. Minnie Foster is the name of Mrs. Wright before she was married to John. Martha explains how sh...

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