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Persuasive Letter

Bank LanePark Forest, IL 60045Dear Ms. Black,Thank you for your letter describing the problems about your tax problem. I believe that I informed you of the appropriate charges on your account when you talked to me about the transition you were about to make. I clearly stated to you that it would not affect an account change, but I never stated that it would not affect the transfer of bonds.Even though I told you that you would not have to pay taxes on the accounts transferred and not the bonds, I can still help. I will enclose a copy of the tax regulations and limitations, which state what has to be taxed on. In the regulations guide, which consists of taxable tangibles, it clearly states that taxes are applied only in bonds and other government documents and not on accounts especially regarding retirement accounts. Understanding your frustration, I generously agreed to write a letter regarding this issue. Unfortunately, I will not accept liability for any charges that your may have concerning taxes with the I.R.S. of $1,309.72. I will also enclose a catalog that will show you exactly what to do step by step to avoid any further tax problems. The catalog should clarify any questions you should have regarding taxes in your state and is very valuable in saving money in the long run. It will also try to help to save money and increase your tax returns and deductions at the end of the year. We value your business and treasure your customer relationship with us. It would be a pleasure to hear from you on any questions that you may have concerning this letter. Please be free to contact me at my office at (508) 999-0303 or e-mail me at,Juden ObligrawSales AssociateEnclosure ...

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