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Preparedness of Universities

ESSAY OUTLINE – Question #9 How prepared is the University of the West Indies to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Due to the problems faced by the University in their efforts to become a global competitor, the University of the West Indies, is not quite ready for the 21st Century. (I)General observations about the characteristics of established Universities. A.Expansion of the University resources. B.The number of students that the University of the West Indies accommodates is too low. C.Restrictions of a weak economy. D.Upgrading the registration process via technology. E.Greater access to research material using the Internet. F.Addressing the issues of campus security. G.The limitations in learning opportunities at both the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Level. (II)The points of highlight regarding the University of the West Indies. A.Quality teaching offered by the staff of learned lecturers. B.Cheaper cost of Education than in foreign Universities. C.Scholarship programmes geared at rewarding high achievers. (III)Prioritization of problems and ways to alleviate them A.Enhancing the registration process through better and more accurate testing. B.Upgrading the Internet Connectivity through extensive research on available solutions. C.Assessing their financial situation to determine the possibility of increased security. Objectively, the University of the West Indies is not quite ready for the 21st Century, and will not be for some time. ESSAY OUTLINE – Question #3 The effect of a popular fad in your country on a selected segment of society. Having or owning a cellular phone has become the standard for people in all socio-economic strata in my country, in particular the lower segment, either as simply a mode of communication or a status symbol. Analog and wired phones are still highly used but they face many limitations, such as range and portability. The advent of cordless phones opened the door, but still posed th...

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