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Racism at Large

It is a situation that involves everyone, though to some it might go unrecognized as a problem. Say for instance that you and some friends are swimming in a public pool when a rather overweight woman walks out from the changing room. In some cases eyes glance but quickly divert in an attempt at being polite. Critical judgments are made but at least not verbalized. Everything is peachy. Now lets look at the unpleasant situation where the woman walks out and after a few moments suffers degrading comments from some teen boys and obviously judgmental stares from most others. The situation just got a lot less peachy.Discrimination at Large, by Jennifer Coleman, is an article that deals with the authors own problems with weight gain as well as the scrutiny she received from virtually every type or group of person. Coleman claims that ridiculing the obese is not only wrong but also is actually socially accepted. She feels that the overweight are considered lesser people and even claims the hatred to be nurtured and developed from a young age.For the most part I feel that Coleman makes some really strong points that often go unrecognized as issues of intolerance. However, I do feel that Coleman is a little over exaggerated. Her views are extreme in some cases and even thought they do bare a lot of truth, they often give me the impression of someone who has been thinking a bit rash for the situation. Coleman would have you believe that every thin person in America is conspiring to hate the overweight. It would be preposterous to claim that is doesnt happen, but I really doubt she is mocked every time she does anything in public. Coleman even goes as far as to claim that fat people must never, Ride a bike, eat in a public place, or the most unforgivable, wearing a bathing suit in public. I think its pretty safe to say that the majority of decent people dont go around running their mouths off to every fat person. I also find in o...

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