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Relistic Package

Through the reading of background historical information and the novel of the same time period, one can see that literature is the reflection of the time period about which it was written. Historical data and fictitious characters are woven together to produce a realistic result.During the Cultural Revolution, the traditional attitude about educating woman changed as shown through Chinese history and as written by Bette Boa Lord in Spring Moon. Pre-cultural revolution, women were not allowed to be educated. After the revolution, more and more woman were being educated and getting jobs. We see this through the characters actions in Spring Moon, and in real Chinese experiences.Spring Moon, a fictitious character in the novel of her name, desperately wanted to study; however if she were educated it might course many problems.All at once, he knew the answer. Spring Moon? she looked up. How would you like to read and write?Could I? But all the boys would laugh at me and the tutor would resign again. What will grandmother say? (Lord, page78)In this discussion between Bold Talent and Spring Moon we see the consequences females might undergo from being educated. Spring Moon was afraid of what her family might say, what boys would laugh at her, and of the teacher would resign because he wouldnt teach a girl. All these problems just from teaching a human to read and write. However most females were not afraid of the consequences they might suffer. At last I decided to starve myself in bed. Tell me what is the matter she persisted.I wantI want to study! I said it at last. (Wall Bingham & Hill Gross, page20)This woman who lived during the pre-cultural revolution time period wanted to study so bad and the only way she knew how to convey this desire to her parents was to attempt suicide. Not only did this cause problems for the educated female, it also caused problems for her family. What is the use of daughter learning a lot of d...

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