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Resolve to Revolt

Every now and then people get a little aggravated when things don’t go the way they want them to go or the way they had planned them to go. Aggravation turns to frustration and soon all that frustration is so built up that it just erupts like a volcano. This is the case with mother in The Revolt of Mother and the head evil fairy in The Revolt of the Evil Fairies. These two essays reveal exactly what happens when one resolves to revolt. In The Revolt of Mother, mother has wanted a new home for what appears to be an eternity. When she discovers some men working on a new structure she becomes very nosy about what it is. She knew that the field where the men were digging is where she was going to put her new home, but when father notified mother that the men were digging to put in a new barn she became a little agitated. She had been living in the same old house for forty years and she felt as if it was time for her to obtain a new home. She was so frustrated with father that she resolved that it was time to revolt. As a result, she gathered all the furniture and reallocated it into the new barn, or more appropriately, into the new house.In The Revolt of the Evil Fairies, the head evil fairy wanted to be Prince Charming in the upcoming school play because his one and only true love, Sarah Williams, was to play the part of Sleeping Beauty. He wanted to be Prince Charming so severely, but he knew that he could not be because he was black. Only the yaller or light skinned boys could be Prince Charming and the black ones were the evil fairies. The head evil fairy had kept his cool so far but the frustration with Prince Charming, Leonardius, was gradually building up. He had struck the head evil fairy on the head during the second act dispite the fact that it was not in the script. This just made it worse. During the final act, the head evil fairy supposedly saw an “evil look” in Prince Charming’s ...

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