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Saving His Soul

Black Boy is a denunciation of racism and his conservative, austere family. As a child growing up in the South, Richard Wright faced constant pressure to submit to white authority, as well as to his familys violence. However, even from an early age, Richard had a spirit of rebellion. His refusal of punishments earned him harder beatings. Had he been weaker amidst the racist South, he would not have succeeded as a writer. In many ways, his own family and the black community fiercely opposed his aspiration and courage. Richards first discovery of literature ended in the eviction of Ella, the schoolteacher, who had introduced him to Bluebeard and His Seven Wives. Margaret Bolton Wilson, Richards maternal grandmother wrought obedience into everyone. She was a stringent Seventh Day Adventist, one who praised God on the Sabbath, and ran the household according to her religious values. I simply cant feel religion. Richard, an atheist, was unclear about religion. From his hard adolescent life, he neglected religion. This often ignited clashes with his grandmother. She also refuted books, and claimed them to be evil and sinful. In one scenario, Richard refused to go church on Saturday. His family became outraged and forced him to go. His grandmother as well refused to let him work on Saturdays. In the end, Richards conviction was far stronger than of his grandmother.His familys confidence never dwindled; time after time, they joined a crusade to save Richards soul. Tensions began to increase when Aunt Addie enrolled Richard in the religious school where she taught. Labeled as a black sheep, Richard continued to defy the iron fist of his family. The conflict between Aunt Addie and Richard exploded when he was accused of eating walnuts in class. Richard knew the boy in front of him was guilty, but he abided by the street code and said nothing. Despite Richards denial, Aunt Addie did not conduct an investigation and immedia...

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