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Scarlet Letter2

DavisAdv. Eng. III - Per.610 April 2000The Greatest SinPeople waste their lives all the time by making bad decisions, focusing their lives on destroying others, and wallowing in self pity and regret. Nathaniel Hawthorne shows in his novel, The Scarlet Letter, that people go through their lives casting off their true potential. Through the characters Hester Prynne, Roger Chillingworth, and Arthur Dimmesdale, Hawthorne shows that sin is not only evil because it is against God=s word, but because it can destroy the sinner. Sometimes the sin itself isn=t the worst act of the sinner, it is the wasting of their life.Hester Prynne commits more than one sin, but she is only publicly condemned for one. Her private anguish is relieved because her sin is made public so she doesn=t have anything to hide. Hester commits adultery because she is in love with Dimmesdale. She is very passionate person and is motivated by her heart. She doesn=t express any guilt or regret about the act of adultery itself, but she seems to regret the events that led to it and the pain it caused. Another one of Hester=s sins is marrying Chillingworth. Neither of them loved the other. She doomed herself by marrying Chillingworth, certified her damnation by committing adultery, and finalized it when she concealed Chillingworth=s identity from Dimmesdale. The price Hester pays for her sins is more than being shunned by society; she becomes completely isolated. She lives her life in isolation from her lover, husband, child, society, and from herself. The AA@ on her chest could have stood for alienation, but it also could have stood for artist. Hester is a talented seamstress but she never learns anything else she is talented at and she never sees her real potential. Hester=s most serious sin isn=t marrying someone she doesn=t love or committing adultery, it is wasting her life because of these sins.Roger Chillingworth is the one condemned sinner with an unre...

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