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Seinfeld Popularity

Add a dash Elaine, a spoonful of Jerry, a pinch of George, and handful of Kramer and you end up with a perfectly seasoned spicy sitcom that Americans just can not get enough of. Seinfeld, featuring the hilarious stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself, is dear to many of our hearts and the show plays an essential part in satisfying our constant quest for humor. The show focuses on real life situations and problems such as romance, friends, careers, and adventures that everyone can relate to. I believe that Seinfeld is attractive to most people for a variety of reasons. For these reasons the shows success was inevitable. Each of the characters has it’s own unique personality and by using this formula they each target their own different audiences. For example, George is the tell it like it is, go the extra mile, easygoing, no regard for anybody else type of guy. Elaine is the nutty, obsessive compulsive, opinionated woman, probably from being under the influence of the other three. Kramer plays the off the wall, slightly mental, wild haired, hyperactive type. Jerry on the other hand, is just Jerry. They all blend together to create a perfectly smooth treat for our eyes and ears. Also, because it is a comedy about events that the public can identify with, the sitcom instantly became a part of our television daily routine. I will elaborate on these theories responsible for Seinfeld’s breakthrough and also try to provide some insight about why I love it. Jerry’s brilliant performances on the show earned him the 1992 and 1993 Comedy Awards for best actor in a comedy series. Even though the show demanded so much of his time, the first season began in 1990 and the last at the end of 1998, he still manages to remain one of the busiest and most popular stand up comedians in the country. His witty personality and natural charisma captivates our attention and keeps us laughing year after year. Jerry’s con...

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