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story of an hour1

In the “Story of an Hour” Chopin uses symbolism to her advantage. There are many instances in this story where symbolism is prevalent. In the beginning of the story we learn of Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition. This is the beginning of the dramatic irony that we will find out at the end of the story. Mrs. Mallard hears the news of her husbands death in a very large train accident. She is struck off guard by the news, and her sister tries to comfort her. She goes up into her room and her sister waits for her outside. She sits in her confortable arm chair and thinks about how her life will change now that her husband is gone. The symbolism starts when you read the words “ The delicious breath of rain was in the air.” This means that she is starting a new fresh life, and that withought her husband in the picture she can finally start to live her own life and not just lvie for her husband. For the past years she has been living for her husband and not for her. After her husbabds deaths he thinks that she maybe can full of life. After she starts her new life maybe she can fall in love with a man that really loves her. The symbolism continues with the fact that she would live and love for herself. At this point in her life she is the only one that matters. Unlike before her husbands death., she really was not living....

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