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Street Pharmaceutical Distributor

Street Pharmaceutical Distributor Yes Ive known of police officers who sell drugs, Cain says in response to the question. They are worst than I am because they are supposed to uphold the law!There are many types of drug dealers, from the behind the scenes Caucasian white collar and government criminals, to the overexposed black street corner thug. The early twenties, corn-roll braided male, that I will call Cain, was at ease as we sat in his newly purchased home. Besides what most people think, the majority of drug dealers do work. Lower scale drug dealers that is. Cain explained that selling drugs is not something he wanted to do, but a lack of necessities and opportunity led him to that path. Television influence and poor guidance didnt help either he added.Do you know of career drug dealers and do you plan on becoming one?; he nodded and said yes to both questions. After confirming that he knows no one that has been dealing for at least five years and have never been incarcerated, I asked does he feel he will be an exception. No, but I dont care about the future, just now. I normally would have felt this was ludicrous, but understanding the mind set of a mentally dead individual, I comprehended it all to well. Cain admitted that he feels remorse for the destruction that drugs cause, but that he also feels his drug dealing is necessary for now.Do you have to deal violently or aggressively with individuals often? I asked. Sometimes, but after respect for you is established, its usually not necessary, he responded. He explained that he knew of at least seven people who had lost their lives because of a drug related incident, but even more that were incarcerated.Does the United States government play a role in drug distribution? Certainly! I may have purchased drugs from government officials, you never know who your actually dealing with, but I know of dealers who purchase their drugs from the Feds. Who do you co...

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