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Should the US allow China’s entry into the World Trade Organization? Sino-American relations have always been characterized as complex and Presently, the United States must reach a decision that would drasticallyaffect the politics, environments, militaries, technology, and most importantly theeconomies of both nations. This problem the United States must face is whether it oughtto allow China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. There is much hesitation intaking such steps as American protectionists are weary of a nation whose expandingeconomy could further “Chinese influence in American politics as a result of Donorgate;continued doubts about Beijing’s dismal human rights record; and worries about the imbalance with China- $40 billion and growing.” (Shribman 44) Yet there are alsomany benefits to free trade which outweigh the negative. Sino-American free trade willboost US sales to the world’s most populous nation, while building diplomatic relations,and ultimately liberalizing China both politically and socially. (Christian Science Monitor98)China, a country in East Asia, is the world's third largest country by area(after Russia and Canada) and the largest by population. China’s most populous city isits capital, Beijing. Officially People's Republic of China, it is bounded on the north bythe Republic of Mongolia and Russia; on the northeast by Russia and North Korea; onthe east by the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea; on the south by the South China Sea,Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), India, Bhutan, and Nepal; on the west by Pakistan,Afghanistan, and Tajikistan; and on the northwest by Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Chinaincludes more than 3400 offshore islands, of which Hainan, in the South China Sea, is byfar the largest. The total area of China is about 9,571,300 sq. km (about 3,695,000 sq.mi.), not including Nationalist China, known officially as the Republic of Chin...

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