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Uncle Toms Cabin2

One of the more powerful novels writeen on the most humilating chapter of American history was Uncle Tom's Cabin. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this novel during the civil war time period. The Civil War has been described as "America's darkest hour". Slavery, abuse, neglect, and ignorance ran rapid throughout this age. Stowe depicts all of these traits in Uncle Tom's Cabin.The story begins with Mr. Shelby discussing with Mr. Haley the selling of his servants to repay his debts. During this time, the country was in poor economic growth secondary to the buying and selling fof slaves. Mr. Haley talks openly of beating the slaves when they are disobedient. Mr. Haley also appears to consider himself superior to slaves. Mr. Shelby considers himself good to his servants. He provides clothing, religion, and some freedom as long as his needs are met. Mrs. Shelby also appears this way. Tom is the Shelby's most trusted servant. He is a Christian and thus read the Bible to other slave families and tries to convert other slaves to Christianity. Religion is very important to Tom, it is what makes his life. Eliza is Mrs. Shelby's trusted servant. Eliza overhears Mr. Shelby and Mr. Haley of plans for her son and Tom to be sold for debts. She runs away taking her sons with her with Mr. Haley to follow behind. She eventually makes it to Canada to her freedom. Tom is sold numerous times. He is sold to St. Clare's through an auction after saving a little girl's life on a board ship after she slips and falls overboard. The little girl, Eva, is percieved as an angel. She sees good in everyone. Topsy is introducing during this time. Topsy is the wild child. The story tells of how many slaves babies were taken after birth and sold in markets. As these children grew up they were forced to live without love, only knowing work, beatings, and no love for themselves. When adult slaves were sold, they were taken to "open markets". They were che...

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