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What Price freedom

“What Price Freedom?” Is there a price for freedom? Many people would have different opinions on this subject. There are many things that helped to get this country to free.The Declaration of Independence is one for them. The fourth section say’s this “These united colonies are… and of right ought to be free and independent.” The United States would be a nation in which ordinary citizens would have a strong voice in their own government. John Locke believed that people had natural rights- rights that belonged to them simply because they were human, not because governments or kings had granted them these rights. Therefore the Declaration of Independence had a lot to do with freedom.Many people have died for this country for us to achieve freedom. They die during wars like World War II. Americans didn’t want to have anything to do with this war because they just won World War I. Then in one day their minds changed. On December 7,1941 Japanese war planes attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This was a global war, which ended in victory in 1945. There were a total of sixty-one million causalities or deaths during World War II. There were 295,000 in the United States alone....

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