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Writing Tips

Research! Research! Research! Research the schools you are applying to. Most schools will provide you with a brochure that provides information about the school's expectations from its applicants. Talk to people you know who attended that school and its graduates. Take full advantage of the school's alumni program to network with graduates. Call the school and make an appointment with an admissions counselor or another official. The more you know about the school, its programs, and its faculty members, the better you will be able to structure your essay and show that you are truly interested in the school. Additionally, this extra research effort pays off by notifying the reader that you have taken more time to learn more about the school than other applicants. Extra research leaves the reader with a favorable impression of your diligence, dedication and interest in their institution. This extra knowledge and information does not have to be mentioned in every sentence or otherwise be overstated. Your statement need only contain enough information to convey the impression that you have gone the extra mile.Know the Stakes Involved!Understand the importance of the Application Process. Always remind yourself of the high stakes involved in being admitted into the school of your choice. Be aware of the impact this will have on your future career trajectory, earnings expectations, and career options. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or anxious, use the gravity of the process to motivate yourself and write the best essay you possibly can.Know the Question Being Asked!Depending on the type of school, department, or reputation of the school you are applying to, the Admissions Committees will be reading hundreds if not thousands of personal statements. In order to make your statement engaging, memorable, and distinctive you must apply the basic strategy of isolating and focusing on the central theme asked in each question--answer it! T...

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