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Wuthering Height

Supernatural occurrences show the abnormal behaviors of nature. In Wuthering Heights,Emily Bronte uses the abnormal as an introduction to the novel and shows the desires ofcharacters in the novel. We meet Lockwood in the beginning of the novel. He hadabsolutely no clue on the history of the Lintons and Earnshaws. A few days after rentingThrushcross Grange, he visits old Heathcliff and stays at Wuthering Heights. There hefinds books of the first Catherine. It was at Wuthering Heights where Lockwood had theterrifying dream where Catherines bony hands grabbed him. The story of WutheringHeights presented many paranormal experiences to show the feelings and desires ofcharacters. The ghost that inspired Lockwood to learn about the story of Wuthering Heightswas Catherine. She grabbed his hands through the window and explained her destination. Im come home: Id lost my way on the moor! (Pg. 30)1 This shocked Lockwoodgreatly because he had no idea who Catherine was except from her diary. Heathcliffcomes and orders Lockwood to leave the room. He himself spoke to the air as if theghost was really there. That showed his deep desire for Catherine Earnshaw. Come in! Come in! Cathy do come. (Pg. 33)...

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