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after apple picking by Robert Frost

After Apple-Picking can be interpreted in many different ways. It has biblical references, referring to Adam and Eve, and also shows feelings of an every day commoner. This piece of literary work is more meaningful with each examination of reading it and experIencing its contents. After Apple-Picking is about a man who is ready for death. He thinks about all of his accomplishments and wonders about the perks of life he may have missed out on. As the speaker of the poem, or, the narrator, becomes drowsy with confusion, he begins to go off into his final sleep. The narrator is tired of the chaotic choices one has in life and ponders of any last regrets. The poem begins with a long ladder pointing toward the heavens. He is looking down upon apples that have not yet been picked. (Apples in the biblical sense were from the tree of knowledge). He shows no sign of regret that all the apples were not picked. He states that he is done with apple pickingnow and somewhat confident in his calling it quits. But yet there is a barrel I didt fill(3), meaning that there are things that are not learned. It seems as though his waking hours are drawing near. The essence of winter sleep is on the night(8), showing signs of mortality. The narrator then states of Berry 2the strange view he sees of the hoary grass(12) through a small sheet of ice. Looking through this glass(the ice), it begins to melt. This shows a theory of his life and his view of his world coming to a termination. He could see himself dying, without accomplishing all he would have liked to do in his lifetime. The narrator seems very optimistic. He is strong in his nature about thoughts of afterlife. The magnified apples(18) appearing and disappearing are his life flashing before his eyes. These are things that have been done and that are now left undone. His dreams shall be of his many accomplishments. Stem end and blossom end(19) is the overview of his...

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