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brave new world

Sometimes very advanced societies overlook the necessities of the individual. In the book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley creates two distinct societies: the Savages and the Fordians. The Fordians are technologically sophisticated, unlike the Savages. However, it is obvious that, overall, the Savages have more practical abilities, have more, complicated, ideals, and are much more advanced emotionally, which all help the individual to grow. The Savage Reservation provides more opportunities for personal growth than does the Fordian society. Throughout the story, it is shown how the Fordian society is much more advanced technologically than the Savage Reservation. Because the Reservation is not fully equipped with well-developed machinery to do all their work for them, they must learn to do it themselves. Unlike the Fordians, the Savages are taught functional skills, such as stitching up simple tears and weaving. In the story Mitsima, an old man from the reservation, teaches John the Savage how to make a clay pot, using nothing but a lump of clay and his own two hands. This is a very practical and useful tool. The Savages are taught to cook for themselves, and to clean for themselves. These teachings help the individual to grow practically. The Savages also bestow good ideals in their people from which they can learn, understand, and grow. One of the most important things that the Savages are taught is self-control. The Whipping Ceremony is a good example of this. In this ceremony a young man was whipped to death in front of a large audience and throughout it he "made no sound[and] walked on at the same slow, steady pace" (97). The man is taught that to show his strength he must use the uttermost limits of his self-control.They are also taught self-control in how they are prohibited free sex. They must learn restraint through their lust and desires. It is sho...

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