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changing roles of women

The changing role of women in literature from the late 8th century B.C. to the 21 century A.D. is evident that women have become more or less respectful in later works. This is portrayed in the Odyssey, Sakuntala and Good Country People.In Sakauntala women are treated more like slaves. While in the Odyssey they are more less equals. However in Sakuntala, women are given more responsibilities. Implying that women are entrusted with more capabilities. Were as in the Odyssey women are viewed as toy things of treasure.The Odyssey was written in a time where men played the dominant role. In ancient Greece played a subservient role. The society was ruled and governed by men. Women were included in they affairs of the society but were only allowed to participate, as the men who they served to would allow it. There are many women in the story, which contribute to the development of actions. In addition that the poet treats them with given respects and value as if there were no boundaries between men and women of the time. Among important memorable women in the writing include: Nausica, the innocent young girl; Arete, the wise queen and mother; Kirke and Kalypso, the mysterious temptresses; Penelope, the model of devotion and fidelity; Helen, the responsible middle-class matron; and others who have smaller roles but similar personalities. The influential roles of women in the story also have important effects on the whole poem. It is them that press the senses of love, family care, devotion, and other ethical attitudes on the progression of the story. In this poem the Poet has created a sort of catalogue of women in which he accurately creates and distinguishes several qualities of women in todays society. Ironically the women most deserving of consideration are not human they are Goddesses.In Sakuntala women are portrayed as being more underscored then in the Odyssey. Even though in the Odyssey women are cooks, mothers, and caretakers they st...

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