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literary magazine analysis

For the purposes of this literary magazine analysisation project, I reviewed three publications; being “The Denver Quarterly”, “Poet’s and Writer’s Magazine” and “Writer’s Digest”. After reviewing these publications, I’ve found that literary magazines and journals are useful to help writers get their material published and also to keep them informed on opportunities that are available to them, to improve their writings and to help them gain exposure.The first two publications that I looked at were “Writers Digest” and Poets and Writers Magazine. These publications were quite similar in mission, although, they are marketed to two very different audiences, which makes their layout and content information very different.The April 2001 issue of “Writer’s Digest”, had Stephen King on its cover; that alone categorizes this publication as something that writers who esteem King works and style would purchase. This publication focused mostly on mass-market writings and how to pump out quantity rather than quality. The advertisements in this publication were flashy and some were even in color. There were advertisements every few pages that were typically a full page in length. They ranged from ads from publishers; to ads from people who claimed they could help you improve your writing, to mail order writing seminars. This publication definitely focuses on lowbrow stuff that could probably be found in the isles of your local super market. There were also some very helpful information included, such as an article on helpful hints, on how to choose the right words for you stories and poems. There were four sections of columns. The first titled “inspiration”, consisted of five medium sized articles about how to make your first book successful and on how to survive in the world of writing. The next column section was titled “business” an...

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