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literature of the sacred

Christopher Marlowe “Literature of the Sacred” A translation of the New Testament by an English Lutheran named William Tyndale was printed and smuggled into England in 1525. Many copies of these were seized and destroyed, as was Tyndale. In the passage selected 1 Corinthians 13, Tyndale’s use of the word ‘love’, echoed by the Geneva bible is set against Catholic ‘charity’.All four translations, Tyndale’s, the Geneva Bible, the Douary-Rheims version and the King James Bible all have the same idea but the words “love” and “charity” are used interchangeably. This might also be because they were written at different times making the English translations slightly different. For example the first line goes as follows in Tyndale’s version, “ though I spake …” written in 1525 and 1535. The Geneva bible written 1560-1602,”though I speak…” then the Douay-Rheims versions in 1582, “if I speak…” and the King James version in 1611 is the same first line as the Geneva but the use of “charity” and “love” are different....

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