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macbeths power drive

Macbeth’s Power Drive Love is blinding when one achieves power; if power is achieved in a wrong way, it will result in failure. This statement can be derived from Macbeth and can also be true for everyday life today. To each individual, this statement holds an idea that is distinct and assertive. From the opening of the play when Macbeth meets with the three witches, he is aware of the power he might have in the time to come. The love that binds husband and wife is very apparent in this tragedy. The dogmatic ideas of Lady Macbeth are imposed upon Macbeth, thus rendering him blind to what is right or wrong. At the closing of the play, failure is inedible. Due to Macbeth’s own actions he achieves power in a wrongful manner, failure results almost always as the only option.The three witches in Macbeth give Macbeth and Banquo a prophecy that stated “thane of Glamis, thane of Cawdor, and king thereafter.” Macbeth at the time has only one of these titles. Right after the witches disappear, two noblemen appear and hailed Macbeth as the thane of cawdor. Since the witches have just told him that, this start’s the power desperation that will last until the end of the tragedy. This is just what Macbeth needs to start to try and gain his own country.“More ruthless than Macbeth, Lady Macbeth decides now is the time for the kings murder.” Lady Macbeth is the backbone in the relationship between Macbeth and her. Macbeth at first doesn’t know if he could handle the bloodshed, but his wife reminds him of his promise he made his vows to her. This illustrates a perfect example of how love is blinding. If Macbeth loves his wife so much, he would be able to make a rational decision. Instead love was blinding him, and he went on to have a power rampage.Macbeth’s killing uproar was the start of a longing for power. Macbeth achieves his power in the wrong way. He was in no way in line fo...

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