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murder in the cathedral

Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral gave an insight to the death of Archbishop Thomas Becket in medieval Europe. This play gives some background information of the events leading up the death, in 1170. Murder in the Cathedral, though not having much description and being slightly dull, is an enjoyable book. This book gave the religious point of view to the murder of one of the characters. This book is written in play format and in my opinion, it should be seen as a play before reading Murder in the Cathedral. The description of the characters and location in so vague, you must create an identity for all the characters. This book needs more description for an uncreative person to be able to visualize the scenes better. With two acts and only two different setting, this is an indefinite book.Murder in the Cathedral is a slow moving book. If you want to read a book where you will fall asleep when you are reading it, then this novel is for you. If you want a book with more action in it, then try a Separate Peace by John Knowles....

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