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my favorite room1

My Recreation room is an excellent place to lounge, Listen to music, or just getaway from the rat race of society. This Den offers superior comfort and entertainment. It has a soothing and peaceful environment. The Den is a “no work area” for reduced stress. This Room represents total rest and relaxation for the whole family.The air of the den is cool with the slight fragrance of lemon pledge. The floors are of very thick soft carpet, for walking or lying. The ceilings are a mere six-foot, and walls of paneling in light colored oak. There is one window on each side about halfway down and centered and one entrance door. The room has soft wall lighting and dimmer for watching movies. It has a private bath with whirlpool tub for stimulation of the muscles. The furniture is large and of contemporary styling. The couch has all the lazy boy features and is made of the finest soft Italian leather. In front of that is a large coffee table of thick glass supported by thick gray marble and end tables that match. The entertainment center is a full wall unit made of red oak.The entertainment center offers a wood bound big screen TV. It has awesome surround sound and complete remote features. The DVD player adds to the TVs’ clarity for life like action movies. The center also encases a full collection of DVD movies for the families viewing pleasure. The stereo is located in the top of the wall unit. It consists of a high-end receiver, a digital optical compact disc player, and the traditional double cassette player. This allows very high quality music to be played at high and low volumes. The speakers are carefully placed to allow the separation to be heard by all. On the sides of the center are CD racks that have a wide array of music. There are two games available, Nintendo 64 and a pool table. The pool table is a Brunswick Bristol with a slate top and quiet rubber pockets. This table and game allows for the family to enjoy a f...

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