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The Odyssey is an epic composed by Homer, an early Greek storyteller. This epic was the basis for Greek and Roman education. Epics are long poems marked by adventure. The main character in an epic is an epic hero. The epic hero is a figure of great stature and may be a character from history or legend. Epic heros most remarkable traits are usually the ones most valued by the society from which the epic came. The main character in this epic is Odysseus. Odysseus is on a quest to find his home after a war. Odysseus is an epic hero. An epic hero exhibits great leadership qualities. One of these qualities is having courage in critical times. This is exemplified when Odysseus is trapped in the cave of the Cyclops, a giant one-eyed monster. The Cyclops puts a stone unmovable by Odysseus and his men in front of the entrance to the cave. While most men would have lost their composure, Odysseus remains calm and rational. He thinks of a brilliant way to escape the cave of the Cyclops in a time of tension. He carves an olive tree into a stake as a weapon against the Cyclops. This demonstrates Odysseus resourcefulness, which is another leadership quality. Odysseus comes up with a way to escape the cave with very little available. He hides under the bellies of sheep from the Cyclops as they leave to escape the cave. Odysseus’ resourcefulness helps him escape from the giant Cyclops. Another leadership quality that Odysseus holds is cleverness. He uses his cleverness often on his voyage. In one particular instance, he uses his cleverness to trick the Cyclops. He tricks the Cyclops by telling the Cyclops that his name is ““Nohbdy.”” After Odysseus pops the eye of the Cyclops, the other Cyclopes arrive. The Cyclops says to the Cyclopes: ““Nohbdy’’s tricked me, Nohbdy’’s ruined me.”” The Cyclopes reply: ““Ah well, if nobody has played you foul there in your lonel...

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