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Hopefully if this letter ever reaches your precious hands all is well and I have the pleasure of having you in my arms again. As for me I wish I can say all is well. For over 19 years I have prayed and wished on your return to Ithaca. Right now it is almost midnight as I write this words for you, and I’m not feeling complete in everyway without you here. My fear has turn into your non-existence and the hope of your return has kept me in suspense. The anticipation of your return among others has turned to as being deceased. I still sit with the anguish of hoping that one day I will turn around and the door will open and the wind is blowing and your presence flows thru the door. Then into my arms you will fall like a spirit that has been called. It has been lonely in our bedroom without your manly scent. As I roll on to your side of the bed it feels cold beneath my skin. It makes me reminisce on the way our body intertwined as one. To your amazement you would be glad to know that I have not remarried. Our promise still stands as stated before that until our son, Telemachus twentieth birthday, if you have not returned I must find a suitor to sit as your replacement on your threshold. Our son has grown to be strong and as bold as you would want him to be. More and more each day he reminds me of you and your strong character. His features resemble you in everyway and his eyes tell stories like you once did. Telemachus went aboard a journey in search of your whereabouts. To our dismay he returned as empty as he departed. To my acknowledgement I came to know that he left without my consent. This action left me in great depression fearing once again that I had lost another important man in my life. Thanks to the gods he did return unharmed. But to my intrigue ness I still wish to know who gave our son the courage or idea of searching for you without my knowledge. That now matters none for the deed is done and the result...

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