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Our town, a play that takes place in a small town called Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. It starts in 1901 and spands over the years til 1913. The book takes you through different cycles of life, with the continuing theme that you should not take life for granted and live life to the fullest.Emily Wilder, one of the main characters, is simple enough so everyone could realate to her but has a few things that make her stand out and be adored. Many things happened to her that happen to everyday ordinary people such as marriage, childbirth, and death. So when she presents the theme of not taking life for granted, people can relate to it as if it happened to them. When Emily was looking back in time after she was dead, she wanted to go back and relive the happiest day of her life, but Mrs. Gibbs stopped her and told her to visit a normal day instead. Mrs. Gibbs knew what would happen to Emily if she had relived a joyful day in her life. If Emily had went back to a special occasion, she would've been overwhelmed by the all the beauty that she didn't pay attention to. When she looked back on her twelve birthday Emily couldn't understand why her own mother wouldn't even spare the time to look at her on her birthday. She then concluded that the living is ignorant and doesn't appreciate the small things that are in their lives every day. Emily presented these universal themes very well because people could realte to what was happening to her. This play gives people an insight on how to live their lives, to stop and smell the roses and appreciate everyting that you can. Because before you know it, it might all be gone....

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