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personal narrative

Once I was in a car with two of my friends. When we were speeding about 10 miles above the speed limit. When someone cut us off sending us over the median. Crashing straight into a Ford Explorer head on. My friend Jaime who was driving didn’t make it he flew out of the windshield and landed about 25 feet away. Because he was not wearing his seat belt. My other friend in the front Dewayne was lucky to be wearing his seat belt all that happened to him was some glass flew into his eye and cut his eye. He lost about half of his vision in one eye. He had to have laser surgery in order to restore his vision in his eye. But luckily he still had his life unlike my friend Jamie. I thank god everyday that I was in that back seat and wearing my seat belt. All that happened to me was a minor case of whiplash and a bad headache. Ever since that day i stopped driving crazy like I used to. I always put on my seatbelt and pay attention to everything when I'm on the road or behind the wheel. It’s not cool being in a wreck and surviving and having to live with yourself day in and day out asking yourself why him and not me....

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