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Pride and Prejudice1

This passage is taken from Elizabeth and Wickhams invitation to dinner by the The passage focuses on Wickhams wickedness and Elizabethsfeelings about the proceedings.Jane Austen adopts two main forms of narrative modes, referred to as the tellingand showing in which the telling mode of narration carries the voice of a narrator whichsummarizes the actions and thoughts of the characters, whereas the more dramaticmode of showing uses dialogues which allow the reader to visualize and hear thecharacters act and speak for themselves. These techniques allow the novelist to createan understanding of the various dispositions and shape the impressions and ideas thereaders would get by the portrayed attitude of the characters.The passage begins with telling in which the narrator introduces us to MrWickham whose inquisitive and discreet manners is exposed when he whispers toElizabeth with the intention to inquire on how Mr Collins is associated with the family ofde Bough. Wickham as we understand later in the novel, is a fortune-hunter and hiscuriosity here, gives hint to this mercenary attribute. Wickham also sways Elizabethsattention from the rest of the guests and indulge himself in gossip and this action duringa social gathering, exposes to the readers, Wickhams unethical manners. The passage proceeds by showing all of Wickhams subtleties at wickednessand manipulation, which is part of Austens narrative technique of revealing hercharacters through their speech. Wickhams character as the villain in Pride andPrejudice is invented not only to intensify the plot in the novel but also to heightensElizabeths prejudice and the negative impression she has of Darcy, which later resultedin her rejection of Darcys marriage proposal. Not only through Austens telling that weare aware of Wickhams ability to manipulate, but Austen is also showing us this side ofhim when he deliberately assumes that Elizabeth know of course that Lady Catherine deBough ...

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