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Pride and Prejudice2

When I first started to read the "Pride and Prejudice" I thought that the novel was going to be the same boring old "love story". After reading the first and second volumes I began to realize that it was not the same story, instead it had an interesting insight on marriage, family, and social status. When reading the novel I assumed that the time frame was somewhere back in the late 1800's. This assumption was just a fact that I took for granted because there was no date mentioned in any part of the book. From what I got in the class discussion this story is supposed to be a timeless piece that can be framed with any time period. This was one thing that I would have never picked up by myself. The characters in the story each have their own unique roles in the story, and if you didn't really take the time to read it carefully the first time chances are you miss a lot of information about them. This is what happened to me when I read the story and came to class the next day. It was then when I realized that I had not read as clear as I had thought. This is where the discussion helped me sort of catch up on the character roles. Reading the parts that I thought were important also helped me understand the story. One thing that I thought about the story was that there were too many names to remember. There were some 25 characters, not including their little nicknames! I think that it would have been good to have some sort of list of all the names. At least this way I wouldn't have to stop and think about whom I was reading about.After finishing the book I can see that it has a lot of interesting qualities. Some of these qualities included things such humor to the marriage rat race for all the mothers. ...

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