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Students will be able to identify the perils of puberty Girls experience.2. Students will be able to identify the perils of puberty Boys experience.Pre-Teach:I am going to introduce the lesson by having students reflect and discuss something they went through during puberty. The purpose of this activity is to activate the students background knowledge about puberty.Peri-TeachI will introduce the perils of puberty Girls and Boys experience, presented by David Elkind. Through open discussion with students, they will list the major changes Girls and Boys go through. A visual aid of a boy and a girl will be posted for students to look at and list the changes next the appropriate gender.Perils for Girls include:1. Height / Weight2. Breast development3. Body hair4. Facial features and skin conditionsPerils for Boys include:1. Height2. Facial Hair3. Sexual Development- Penis size, spontaneous erection, wet dreamsWhy is it important to understand the perils of puberty adolescence experience?1. As future educators it is important to know what developmental changes your students may be going through. This will help you be sensitive to their needs and if necessary, provide accurate information to their questions.Conclusion I will briefly review the 4 major changes Girls experience and the 2 major changes Boys experience. I will ask students to think about ways they could talk to their students about the physical changes of puberty. Each student will take a quiz, asking them two questions on the lesson. This will assess whether the objectives were accomplished.Lesson Plan ScriptPuberty presents teenagers with a series of unknown changes, and each one constitutes a peril of puberty. David Elkind is a professor of Child Studies at Tufts University. In his book All Grown Up and No Place to Go, he explains the major changes children go through with the onset of puberty. Lets stop and think about a worry or fear you ex...

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