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puritan myth

The Puritans cam to America in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s for the freedom to practice their own religion. Their whole way of life was based off of their strict religion.They had a fait-based theocracy. The puritans where to follow the bible strictly. That wasnot always how it was. The “Puritan” lifestyle which they where expected to follow wasreally a myth. Merriam-Webster states that a myth is an unfounded or false notion. Manyof these people where portrayed in the play by Arthur Miler called “Crucible”. Some ofthe ways they were hypocritical where in that they did nor follow the ten commandmentsand they where not kind people to each other.According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word hypocrite means a personwho puts forth on a false appearance of virtue or religion. In 1692 the colony ofMassachusetts was plagued by a witchcraft hysteria that resulted in the death of at leasttwenty people and the jailing of at least 150 others ( Miller 1033 ). This witchcraft hysteriawas known as the Salem witchtrial.During this time many puritans went back on their religion. One of the big waysthey were hypocritical was that they disobeyed many of the ten commandments. The mainones where: A- Thou shall not murder, B- Thou shall not lie, and C- Thou shall notcommit adultery.A.Thou shall not murder. At least 20 people where murdered due to thetubornis of the people to accept they where wrong in their accusations.B-Thou shall not lie. This is perhaps the most important on of them all. The whole witchtrial was based off of lies. “Don’t lie! She comes to me while I sleep;he’s always making me dream corruption’s!” ( Miller 1058 ). This is an exampleof irony and hypocrisy. Abby is accusing Tituba of coming to her in her dreams with the devil but this is not true. When Abby tells Tituba not to lie she is in fact lying herself and also not following the commandments.C-Thou shall ...

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