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queen elizabeth

Despite being unwanted by her father, King Henry VIII, Elizabeth managed to overcome obstacles and become one of the most powerful woman leaders of her time. Someof her accomplishments were to defeat the Spanisharmada, restore peace between Catholics andProtestants, and lead England to prosperity (Ross146). The period of time during her reign, fifteenhundred and fifty eight to sixteen hundred and three,is often called “the Golden Age” since it was the mostconstructive time in English history. The Englishcourt became the center for writers, musicians, andscholars. She was also the first English monarch toreach her seventieth year(Http:// PARAGRAPH:She was the virgin queen and her brothercalled her “sweet sister temperance” (DQ Internet)because she was ladylike and well dressed. Herbehavior and manners were impeccable. She nevermarried, although she used the promise of marriage toget her way. She also screamed, cried and dideverything necessary to make her council agree withher. Some say she was married to her country. She wasmuch sought after and had many suitors, none of whichshe seemed interested in. The fact that she nevermarried also led to England’s first era of peace inyears. No country would invade England with suitorsfrom their land trying to marry Elizabeth. The factthat Elizabeth would not marry was unheard of,especially for a queen. With no husband, she wouldhave no children and therefore no heirs to her throne.NEW PARAGRAPH:King Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s father, hadsix wives. Elizabeth’s mother was Anne Boleyn, whowas decapitated after failing to give birth to a son.Henry wanted a son so he would have someone to passthe throne on to. None of his wives could produce ason so when Henry died Elizabeth, his oldest survivingchild became Queen of England (Erickson 98). The dayshe became queen, sheheld her first meeting and dismissed t...

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