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religious Foreshadowing in Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bront uses several different symbols to foretell events that occur in Jane Eyre. For example, Bront uses birds torepresent freedom, for which Jane longs and finally finds by the end of the novel. Fire is another symbol used by Bront: WhenBertha sets Rochester's bed on fire, "The image of fire might symbolize signifying first sinfulness, then rebirth" (Vaughon). Thesymbolism most fascinating, however, is the way in which Bront uses religion throughout the novel. Indeed, Jane's worldrevolves around religion, and it foreshadows her life. Charlotte Bront's own religious background is meaningful to the text. She was raised in a religious home where daily scripturereading and devotions were an essential part of Bront's existence. Charlotte's father, Patrick Bront, was a clergyman for theChurch of England; therefore, Charlotte could not escape the influence of a religious upbringing. Two important bookscontribute to the religious foreshadowing in Jane Eyre: The Book of Common Prayer and the Bible. The importance of The Book of Common Prayer is in the calendar dates given in Jane Eyre. January 15th is the first important day in Jane's life because it is the day Jane meets the Reverend Brocklehurst. It is here we learn that Jane, at tenyears of age, has considerable knowledge of the Bible already. Jane states that she likes Revelation and several books fromthe Old Testament, but she does not like the Psalms. The morning and evening lessons given from The Book of CommonPrayer, respectively, are Genesis XXI, verse 33 to Genesis XXII verse 20, and Genesis XXII (Bolt 3). The scripture tellsabout Abraham staying in the land of the Philistines for a period of time. The scripture also tells about the testing of Abraham'sfaith in God: "Some time later God tested Abraham ..." (Gen. 22). The foreshadowing is clearly seen when Jane travels toLowood Institution, where Jane lives for a period of time. The land of the Philistines is a hostile envi...

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