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romance and Drama

Jess LeeEnglish 102 September 13, 2001 There is an enormous quantity of categories in which fiction books fall into. Romanceand Drama are just two of the many categories there is. So the question is what makes a good romance book? Or a good romance story? First of all, romance books should always relate to thehuman experience. They should integrate words and actions that people say to their boyfriends,girlfriends, husbands, and lovers. But those are just basic essentials of making a good romancestory. Not only should romance stories have those basic essentials, they should make the readerfeel like they are the characters within the love story. For example, in The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Jay Gatsby is a mysterious man obsessed with beautiful and delicate womennamed Daisy Buchanan. In this love story you can feel the passionate love Jay Gatsby feels forDaisy because of his actions. First of all, he became popular, rich and respected by many and heonly did this for Daisy to love him, even though she was already married. Second of all, Jaybecame really good friends with Daisys cousin Nick Carraway, he did this out of interest tobecome closer to Daisy which eventually he did. This example makes me feel like I am Daisy inthis story since my former boyfriend became a good friend of my cousins to get closer to me.This is one of the many good romance books there is out there, since good romance books havean emotion, feeling or an action that makes the reader feel like they are the charactersthemselves.The same question is asked for drama books. What is a good drama book? What makes agood drama story? First of all, to categorize a good drama book or story the reader has to definewhat is drama to them. A good drama book has to attract the reader in such a way that the readercan relate or become involved in the story. For example, in the story A Good Man Is Hard toFind, by Flannery OConnor; We can see a well composed drama story tha...

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