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cap10 dstruct0: you dummydandy00brandy: what now?cap10 dstruct0: i dunnodandy00brandy: hahacap10 dstruct0: i just made it up anywaysdandy00brandy: no you didn'tdandy00brandy: liarcap10 dstruct0: actually i diddandy00brandy: WHAT?!dandy00brandy: I HATE YOUdandy00brandy: GRRRRRRRRRRRRcap10 dstruct0: i just wanted to see what you'd dodandy00brandy: (no sexual)cap10 dstruct0: GRRRRRRRRRRRRcap10 dstruct0: I HATE YOU TOOdandy00brandy: AAAAHHHHHHHdandy00brandy: don't say that!! :-(:-(cap10 dstruct0: ok ok...i lieddandy00brandy: wahoo!dandy00brandy: i think you lied about the whole you lied just don't want to tell mecap10 dstruct0: no i didn'tcap10 dstruct0: loldandy00brandy: awwcap10 dstruct0: but if you wanna think that i can try and make somethin updandy00brandy: YES!dandy00brandy: that is always funcap10 dstruct0: it's because they do the stretching before the gamedandy00brandy: all sports do strechingdandy00brandy: dummycap10 dstruct0: that's just off the top of my head, but that's damn good right therecap10 dstruct0: but not all sports have hot chicksdandy00brandy: haha!!dandy00brandy: haha!!dandy00brandy: i want somehting better..noe damnitdandy00brandy: *nowcap10 dstruct0: their boobies jiggle when they jump?dandy00brandy: AHH!!dandy00brandy: no that si worse!!cap10 dstruct0: is that better?cap10 dstruct0: ohcap10 dstruct0: my baddandy00brandy: HAHAHAHAH!!..but funnydandy00brandy: you can stop therecap10 dstruct0: oh okdandy00brandy: "i just stuck a trumpet up your ass"dandy00brandy: hahadandy00brandy: american pie 2cap10 dstruct0: what?cap10 dstruct0: ohcap10 dstruct0: okdandy00brandy: :-)dandy00brandy: very funny linedandy00brandy: you really need to see itcap10 dstruct0: okdandy00brandy: god, i have to write a *censored*ing research paper..i hate this!cap10 dstruct0: oh that's incredibly homosexualdandy00brandy: HAHAH!!dandy00brandy: i get it!dandy00brandy: :-D:-D:-D:-D:-Dcap...

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