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Written, Directed, Produced, Choreographed, and Computer Animated by The core worlds of the universe have experienced peace and prosperity under the protection of the Jedi Knights. However the Outer Rim of the Galaxy is in Turmoil. Vicious and Brutal power struggles between rival warlords keep the Outer Rim in constant chaos and anarchy. Now the violence is about to be spread to the core worlds by a malevolent Sith Lord.*2 men standing behind 1 way glass[Doctor] My Lord, I am worried about your son. I know you want to create a great heir to your throne, but he is begginning to show sadistic and sociopathic tendencies.[Kraken] That doesn't concern me, Doctor. If he does something wrong, shock him with more electricity. If he isn't learning fast enough shock him some more. Am I unserstood?[Doctor] With all do respect my Lord, this shock treatment he has been recieving since he was born, has been extremely ineffectual. What he needs is a role model. Someone he can look at, and shape himself after.[Kraken] You know what Doctor? You are correct. He needs a better role model thanthan some sniveling synchomphant like you.[Doctor] No! NO! My Lord, thats not.... What....I....Mea.nt...(exhales and crumples) *Force Choke* *Doctor grabs a his throat**Scene switches to bridge of Star Destroyer*[Kraken] You see this boy? All this is yours when I'm gone. (Father & son look outwindow at galazy) You see that bright spot on that planet below us. 250,000 non-humans live there. This button is linked to a turbolaser thatwill level that city when pressed. (Father motions toward button) WE AREthe ultimate power in the Galaxy. WE CONTROL who lives and dies, do you understand that Lothos?[Lothos] Yes, my father.[Kraken] Now show those non-humans who controls them. (the boy eagerly reachesout and presses the button) *Lasers rush out toward the planet and the light disappears**Father and son laugh maniacally**Scene switches to brightly lit conference room, ov...

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